Multimillion-Dollar Private Collection of Pink Floyd's Most Recognized Artwork Now on Sale

Pink Floyd
Courtesy Photo

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s 11th studio album The Wall brought the sinister, surreal art of English artist Gerald Scarfe to an international level of fame. Now, for the first time, 11 original paintings created and hand-selected by Scarfe will go on sale as one of the most valuable collections of rock and roll artwork in music history.

The Wall topped the Billboard 200 albums chart for 15 weeks after its 1979 release. For the sale, Scarfe selected iconic promotional images used for the album including The Scream, Giant Judge and Hammers and The Teacher

Everett Collection

A major exhibition of the collection will be held in San Francisco this coming July. In London, the Victoria & Albert Museum will be displaying the first international Pink Floyd retrospective, The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains, which will include Scarfe's Giant Judge and Hammers beginning May 13. For more on the collection, visit the San Francisco Art Exchange LLC.