Reebok Shares Short Film Series Starring Kendrick Lamar: Watch

Kendrick Lamar in an ad for Reebok.
Courtesy of Reebok

Kendrick Lamar in an ad for Reebok.

After recently collaborating on his third Reebok shoe — the acid-washed denim Club C sneaker — rapper Kendrick Lamar pays homage to the Reebok Classic with a video series "Hold Court" for the Spring/Summer 2017 campaign. Directed by Nabil Elderkin, Lamar discusses the inspiration behind his designing partnership in four short clips.

The rapper shares his philosophy behind the meaning of “champ,” the origins of his musical style, and the mentality of an underdog with Nabil through the warm, grainy lens of film.  

The image projected behind Lamar is rumored to be a photography of his actual high school tennis court, playing into the nostalgic legacy of the Club C sneaker and the rapper’s humble roots. 

 “I just liked word play – manipulating different words, twisting them and bending them — regardless of whether people liked them or not,” the Compton MC says of his lyrical prowess. 

With a full campaign and a potential new sneaker release in the works for the near future, February is looking like a great month for Kendrick Lamar fans.