5 Times Bebe Rexha Looks Uncannily Like Kylie Jenner in Her New 'I Got You' Music Video

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Bebe Rexha in the video for I Got You.

Rising pop singer Bebe Rexha released her video for “I Got You,” the single from her forthcoming debut album All Your Fault, on Friday (Jan. 6).

The visuals accompanying the catchy tune include a cracked desert landscape, a Jeep Wrangler she dances on top of, and a slew of looks that seem all too familiar. Whether a bleach-blonde coincidence or an ode to the lip kit mogul, here are 5 moments we could have sworn were actually Kylie Jenner

1. Gold-hued Eyes and Nude Matte Lip

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Bebe opens up the video in a sheer golden getup donning a similar palette on her face. The glowing eye shadow, dramatic lash, and signature Kylie Jenner matte nude lip begs for comparison. 

2. Bedazzled Fishnets



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The video’s not-so-subtle innuendos of thirst and desire culminate in a look with Bebe laying next to a leaky pipe in a sparkling mesh bodysuit -- strikingly similar to a pair of bedazzled fishnets Jenner wore in bed. 

3. Red from Head to Toe

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The red-on-red crop-top pant combo Bebe sports in “I Got You” is almost exactly the same as a look Jenner pulled last December. Luckily both ladies can pull it off.

4. Black and Metallic Choker


Feel Me?

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Though choker necklaces have been on the rise the past year, Bebe’s thick, black and metallic adorned choker resembles the Sina Choker Kylie posted to Instagram (which, of course, matched the bikini she was wearing). 

5. Yeezy Season 4

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For Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 4 show, Jenner rocked the rapper's signature neutrals and minimalist design with a nude top and an off-the-shoulder, oversize jacket. Bebe Rexha could arguably be channeling this aesthetic with her oversized bomber jacket and nude bodysuit.