The Carefree Cool of Haim with Stylist & 'Fourth Haim Sister' Rebecca Grice

Haim and Rebecca Grice
Miller Mobley

Danielle Haim, Alana Haim, Rebecca Grice and Este Haim photographed July 7, 2015 at Root NYC in New York City.

Effortlessly cool and quintessentially Southern California are descriptors that come to mind when thinking of sister pop-rock trio Haim. Their synth-imbued and R&B-influenced rock and roll stands as a unique sound that celebrity stylist Rebecca Grice complements with a '70s-inspired, carefree aesthetic. 

The New York-based creative has been working with the sisters since their first album, the 2013 debut Days Are Gone. Grace’s impressive wardrobing career includes Lorde, Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis, and she's even been dubbed the “fourth Haim sister” by the band’s bassist Este Haim. Get to know the down-to-earth style superstar with Billboard’s Stylist Spotlight below. 

Miller Mobley
Este Haim, Danielle Haim, Rebecca Grice and Alana Haim photographed July 7, 2015 at Root NYC in New York City.

Describe Haim’s style in three words.

Authentic, rad, effortless.

What’s your proudest Haim style moment of 2016?

I just did a very special, top-secret project with them -- can’t talk about it, but it’s going to be beyond epic!


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Your favorite brands to pull for Haim?

The girls look amazing in a mix of vintage and ready-to-wear [Acne Studios, Alexander Wang, Chloe].

What’s your guilty pleasure style-wise?

Vintage silk robes! The minute I get home I put one on.



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Most overrated accessory?

Purse charms – those puff-puff balls that hang from a purse seem silly. Maybe it’s because my studio is in Chinatown and I see them hustled every day, but I think they’re a little overrated.

Most underrated accessory?

I don’t know… I wear a lot of jewelry.



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Must-have piece for the winter?

A good hat. I just bought a nice men’s Maison Michel hat that’s perfect for the winter.

What other hobbies/side hustles do you have outside of styling?

I love a stroll through a museum and/or a gallery with my boo. I’m also a godmother to a lil Pomeranian called Buddy, so when I have free time I try and scoop him for some furry endorphin time!


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Your favorite social media app and why?

I think my most-used social media app is Instagram. I’m kind of into the IG stories -- they’re less pressure and dissolve, which is nice.


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What’s one gift you’re treating yourself to this holiday season?

I normally like to treat myself to a bag. Haven’t decided which one yet, but have my eye on a few vintage Chanel camera bags.