Beyoncé Choreographer Dana Foglia Works With Farfetch for 'The Holiday Remix' Ad

Farfetch presents The Holiday Remix.
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Farfetch presents The Holiday Remix.

In the UK, consumers look forward to holiday commercials in the same way that Americans anticipate Super Bowl ads — and just like the Super Bowl, the stakes for advertisers are ultra-high.

To make its mark, the London-based luxury online retailer Farfetch tapped director Casey Brooks and Beyoncé choreographer Dana Foglia to create a fully shoppable video that combines music, modern dance and looks available to purchase directly on Farfetch.

Set to a fast-paced remix of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy,” a diverse cast of dancers spin, twist and jump in pieces from Fendi, Margiela and MSGM — many in towering stilettos your average Jane might struggle to simply walk in. Those who have seen Beyoncé’s “Formation” video, which Foglia also choreographed, will likely detect a resemblance between the two works, particularly in the radiantly confident attitudes of the dancers.

Stephanie Horton, chief marketing officer of Farfetch, says the company was introduced to Foglia through the commercial’s director, Brooks, who has also directed dance-centric campaigns for Farfetch rival Net-a-Porter and designer Vivienne Westwood. “Dana is very talented and creative as evidenced from the ‘Formation’ video that she choreographed for Beyoncé among lots of other things,” Horton tells Billboard. “We were excited to bring the entire idea to life though dance and she was the perfect person.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 16,000 times since its release on Wednesday, is just the beginning of Farfetch’s holiday efforts. “In subsequent weeks we will roll out other re-mixed ideas,” Horton says, including guides for gift-giving, formal wear and party sneakers.