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Maddie & Tae on Their 'Youthful & Fun' Bloomingdale's Capsule Collection: Exclusive

Maddie and Tae

Bloomingdale's is giving shoppers a taste of style from the South.

The team behind AQUA -- the retailer’s in-house clothing brand -- collaborated with native Tennesseans and CMA Award winners Maddie & Tae for a fall capsule collection. Available in mid-August, the line includes covetable pieces like a moss-green reversible rabbit and coyote fur anorak ($498), a floral embroidered bomber jacket ($98), cute leather miniskirt ($148) and flounce tanks ($38).  

Billboard exclusively spoke with Madison Marlow (Maddie) and Taylor Dye (Tae) about their debut clothing collection and how to strike the balance between comfort and style.

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How long has this collaboration been in the works?   

Maddie: In January or February, we finally closed the deal, and we're really grateful that we found a clothing brand that's representative of us as artists and young women everywhere. When we first met with them, they had so many different options for comfy clothes, going-out clothes and stage clothes for us.

Tell us about the design process.

Tae: The cool part about this first line is that Bloomingdale's actually knew what they wanted and we knew what we wanted. They pretty much had this line thought out from our first meeting and then let us go in to edit and make it our own.

Maddie: If we collaborate in the future, we’d like to be even more hands-on. For us, we did more of a Pinterest board, where we said, “Hey, these are some of the edgier things that we love, here’s the simpler things that we love,” and from that Pinterest board, they nailed it perfectly. It was crazy because we’re on tour and couldn't feel out different materials, but were able to be hands-on with colors and all that.


Where did you find inspiration for your new collaboration?

Tae: We got the inspiration from what we would like to wear; whether we're just lounging around Nashville at our home or onstage. We pulled from our personal style, so we're hoping people like our choices for this collection.

How would you each describe your personal style?

Maddie: I'm definitely a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. I'm always looking to be comfortable and practical while still looking great. One of my favorite pieces is this leotard top that hooks underneath, because you don't have to worry about your shirt coming undone; you can have a nice, sleek tucked in look and nothing is going to fly up. I'm not really a dress girl, but one of my favorite pieces from our line this fall is actually a dress.

Tae: Maddie and I love a lot of the same clothes and we pretty much share clothes all the time, but we do have very different styles. I feel the most beautiful in skirts, dresses and heels, so we mixed those styles in the AQUA line. There’s this sequin dress I tried on for the photo shoot and I wanted to keep it on all day. We actually enjoy wearing the line, which is great because we wouldn't want to put something out that we don’t actually love ourselves.

Do you feel your clothing line is a good mix of both of your personal styles?

Tae: Definitely.

Maddie: For sure. I think it represents everybody -- well, every woman, to me. It covers so many different styles, and that's why Tae and I are so excited about it. We have our own individual styles but, like Tae said, usually share clothes.


New hairdo means new tips and tricks! -- - M

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What do you look for in clothes when you’re performing? Any tips for striking the balance between comfortable and stylish?

Tae: I always suggest packing clothes that are stretchy and that you don’t have to iron. On the road it’s a lot easier whenever the material doesn't easily wrinkle. It makes our lives so much better. Our collection has an awesome leather skort that I'm actually packing to wear for this run of shows. It looks like a leather skirt but it fits you like shorts. I get really nervous about wearing shorts underneath a dress, so this is a happy medium between wearing comfortable jeans, PJ shorts and a skirt. 

What words would you use to describe this capsule collection?

Tae: Youthful, fun and exciting. I love that the pieces can be worn by women of all ages, from a 10-year-old to, hopefully, a 40-year-old woman. There are some really vibrant colors but also a nice mix of darker colors, like black, too. 

Photos from the collection below: