Fergie's Stylist Spills on Outfitting the 'M.I.L.F.$' Music Video

Fergie in the video for "M.I.L.F. $"
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Fergie in the video for "M.I.L.F. $"

B. Akerlund details how she made Fergie, Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen the ultimate MILFs.

Just before the Fourth of July holiday, Fergie dropped the music video for her new single, "M.I.L.F.$," and it was as seductive as the song title (and lyrics) would suggest.

To capture the single's sexy style, Fergie tapped stylist extraordinaire B. Akerlund — the same style guru behind Beyonce's yellow gown in Lemonade's "Hold Up" video and Madonna's Prince-inspired outfit at this year's Billboard Music Awards — for her latest video featuring hot and famous moms like Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Ciara, Alessandra Ambrosio, Devon Aoki, Gemma Ward, Tara Lynn and Angela Lindvall.

Here, Akerlund dishes on how she distinguished Fergie as the M.I.L.F. pack leader and what she put on Kardashian (despite rumors that her waist was photoshopped).

What inspired the "M.I.L.F.$" music video concept?

Fergie was the mastermind behind the M.I.L.F. money concept. She was inspired to write this song after the birth of her son, Axl. As the creative director and stylist for the video, I worked closely with Fergie and director Colin Tilley, so together we could conceptualize the visuals and scenarios she envisioned for the song. 

Fergie got to rock several outfits — how did you make her stand out as the leader of the M.I.L.F. pack?

Fergie and I had a very specific vision on how we saw the M.I.L.F. world and especially on how would she lead the pack. Almost everything in the video was custom-made. I worked together with different latex designers including Atsuko Kudo and Venus Prototype, who made several of the costumes for the video. There was something that attracted me to mixing latex and diamonds, as well as the use of color, to help create a world where women ruled and there was no limit to what you can do.

My dear friend, Fausto Puglisi, also created the Milfville workout look — being that his DNA as a designer was perfect M.I.L.F. material. For the school teacher look, I chose designer Norisol Ferrari for her expertise in tailoring and Murmur for their pin-up style. Both of these designers are clients of The Residency Experience, a luxury fashion PR showroom I co-own and curate with The Only Agency. 

Fergie also wears an incredible amount of accessories. Can you elaborate on where you found some of them?

I am an accessory freak by nature and to me, characters don't come alive until there is some bling and accessories to spice things up. Fergie was dripping in diamonds, from Lynn Ban to custom Fausto Puglisi and Yeprem. Her glasses were made by the queen of sunglasses herself, Anna Karin Karlsson.


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Given how many people you had to dress, how far in advance did you prep for the shoot?

I thought about the project for about one month, conceptualizing it in my head from start to finish. The actual prep time took two weeks, given the cast size and the custom looks I had designed for the video. 

As I'm sure you saw, people were calling out Kim Kardashian for having her figure photoshopped in the music video. What brands did you dress her in for that moment in the video?

It was my first time working with Kim. I knew from the moment we met that I wanted to play with her insanely amazing body to create an extreme character we had never seen from her before. I incorporated corsetry and latex to exaggerate her natural body shape. 

I worked closely with latex designer Venus Prototype on her custom white latex GOT M.I.L.F. top and denim-printed latex shorts, and her jewelry is from Lynn Ban and Kismet. The over-the-knee cowboy boots were made by New York designer Irs. The idea was that everything was pumped up with an insanely skinny waist and super tall boots, which created a real-life Kim Barbie.

For the shower look, we wanted to give an illusion that Kim was naked, so I had designer Atsuko Kudo create a layered nude body suit adorned with about 40 wedding rings from Lynn Ban, which was meant to symbolize that she had been married that many times — not sure anybody got that? When taking a milk shower, as one does, it was important to us that there was a challenging element to this look, so I chose a pair of 10-inch, 18-karat gold-dipped stilettos. The shoes were a toss-up between shoe designer Brian Atwood and Michael Schmidt studios.


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Chrissy Teigen’s baby girl Luna makes a quick appearance in the video. How was it having a baby on set and how did that influence how you wanted to style Chrissy?

Dressing Chrissy in Moschino Couture, while breastfeeding, for me was a must and there could be no other option. As a stylist, I love mixing high with low and breastfeeding in couture is a M.I.L.F. protocol. Baby Luna was only three weeks old when we filmed the video, so everybody was very considerate while having a baby on set and we tried to work as fast as possible.

How would you define someone as being the ultimate M.I.L.F.?

The ultimate M.I.L.F. to me is a strong woman who can multitask being a mother, a successful working professional and a wife, while looking sexy — and trying to change the world.


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