Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock Top 5 Styling Tips

Mariano Vivenco
Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix.

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock might be only 24-years old, but the ultra-famous girl-band member has developed a sense of style that’s as covetable as it is easy to copy. In an interview with 1883 magazine, the Leigh-Loves style blogger discusses her fashion yays, nays, and everything in between. Below we picked out her top 5 moments of style wisdom.

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1. Wear what you feel the most comfortable in.

"[To flatter your body type] you need to choose whatever you feel comfortable in, so if you want to accentuate a part of your body then choose something that will flatter yourself, but you should just wear whatever you want. It’s all about taking risks and feeling free. That’s what I’ve found for me in the group, fashion is a way of standing out."

2. Influences can come from all places (especially your boyfriend).

"To be honest, [my style influence] is my boyfriend. He’s really into fashion as well and he’s the one that really got me into it but I’ve always been interested. He introduced me to different brands and different designers, he’s got a good eye for things. I think a lot of things I’ve worn in the past he’s had a lot of input in."


3. You can wear Rihanna, but you might end up asking yourself why.

"I went through a stage of wearing Rihanna jumpers all the time, I’m obsessed with Rihanna but I would wear a jumper with her face on everyday. So random! I’m all for the appreciation but it was literally everyday!"

4. When (touring) in

"I love a lot of Australian designers, there’s one Constantina and Louise, a lot of beachwear I love it so I think I’ll look into [changing up my look] while I’m over there [on tour]. I think they’ve got a really good fashion scene over there!"

5. Even in a group of four girls, you can always stand out.

"We all have different styles, so it’s not like we’re stealing each other’s clothes. We’ve all got our own thing going on and that’s what I love about us. There’s so much variety and that’s why people can say oh I like that one and I like that one, I want to dress like her. I think that’s what works about us."


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