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Maná Receives Icon Award & Performs 'El Reloj Cucú' at 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards

Legendary rock en español band Maná was honored with the Icon Award at the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday (Sept. 23).

"It's been a while since we've been in front of an audience," lead singer Fher Olvera said. "We've had a lot of fun and we've delivered songs that come from the heart." The band's Alex González added: "Thank you to the fans for these 35 years. We have great news: We have two shows this year in Houston [Nov. 24 & 26]. Our only concerts this year."

The Grammy-winning Mexican band was recognized for a chart-topping career that has stood the test of time and has achieved both musical and commercial success.

Comprised of Olvera, González, Sergio Vallín and Juan Calleros, Maná delivered a heartfelt performance of their new single, a remake of "El Reloj Cucú" featuring 12-year-old vocalist Mabel. In the middle of a candlelit setting, Olvera joined forces with Mabel for an acoustic take on the classic song.

Earlier this week, Maná was joined by Mabel at Latin Music Week for the Inside the Soul of the Artist panel, which honored single mothers and where they discussed the role heartbreak plays in the creative process. "[When] you see [your mom] working everyday -- working very hard -- it sets an example,” said Olvera. “It's the best example, more than school, of what makes you strong, hardworking and a fighter -- and I think that that feeds art."

"You have to value the people who are there for you," Mabel added. "[Fher and I] may have different stories, but the feeling is the same with this song."

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