Watch Japan's Haru Nemuri Perform on 'Live on KEXP at Home'

Haru Nemuri
Courtesy Billboard Japan

Haru Nemuri

J-pop alternative artist Haru Nemuri performed a virtual live mini-concert on KEXP's "Live on KEXP at Home,” and the full performance can now be seen on the Seattle radio station’s YouTube channel.

The 26-year-old rapper and music producer performed five numbers on the show, including her first live rendition of her upcoming new single “Déconstruction” due Oct. 1, a cover of Pussy Riot's "Police State,” and an intense variation on “Inori Dake Ga Aru” (“There’s nothing but prayer”) accompanied by piano. The pop artist also shared the cover art for "Déconstruction" and new photos taken by Satoshi Eto, a photographer with a unique background as a former world juggling champion.

The new visuals feature Haru in a white sleeveless dress crouching in splashing water, expressing the theme of “deconstruction" in line with the image of her upcoming single.

After being postponed for over a year and a half, Haru Nemuri’s North American tour is set to kick off in November. The first show on Nov. 1 at the Knitting Factory in New York is sold out, but some tickets are still available at her other stops in Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This story originally appeared in Billboard Japan.