Hey! Say! JUMP Debuts at No. 1, HKT48 at No. 2 on Japan Hot 100

Hey! Say! JUMP
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Hey! Say! JUMP

Hey! Say! JUMP’s “Negative Fighter” rules as three songs debut in the top 10 on this week’s Billboard Japan Hot 100, dated May 10 to 16. The eight-member boy band’s 29th single debuts at No. 1 with 215,704 CDs sold in its first week, leading physical sales, look-ups, and Twitter mentions. The Johnny’s group’s previous single, “Your Song,” sold about the same number of copies in its first week (215,442), demonstrating the strength of its solid fanbase.

Bowing at No. 2 is HKT48’s “Kimi to dokoka e ikitai” (“I want to go somewhere with you”), the girl group’s 14th single. Selling 193,066 copies in its first week — about 20,000 more than the previous single, “3-2” (172,981) — the song comes in at No. 2 for sales, which mainly powered the song to its debut position. The track also comes in at No. 20 for look-ups and No. 89 for Twitter.

Breakout duo YOASOBI’s new digital single “Mou sukoshi dake” (“A little bit more”) launches at No. 4 on the Japan Hot 100 with 45,931 first-week downloads (No. 1). The song currently being featured as this year’s theme of the morning show Mezamashi TV also racked up 7,022,437 streams to come in at No. 4 for the metric, while also starting off at No. 6 for radio airplay, No. 18 for video views, and No. 42 for Twitter. Like their previous hits “Kaibutsu” and “Yoru ni kakeru,” the pair’s ninth digital single still has room for growth in the video metric, and it looks like they’ve added another title to their stash of long-running hits in the upper ranks of the Japan Hot 100.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, audio streams, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups and karaoke data.

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