Billboard Japan and TikTok's 'Next Fire' May Edition Features J-pop Singer-Songwriter Tani Yuuki

Tani Yuuki
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Tani Yuuki

Rising singer-songwriter Tani Yuuki performed live on the first episode of Billboard Japan and TikTok’s Next Fire May edition on Friday (May 7), delivering a five-song set showcasing his vocal prowess and versatility.

Tani — his name is stylized in Japanese order, surname first — is the featured artist of May on the weekly hybrid program on TikTok Live. Next Fire focuses on some of J-pop’s hottest up-and-coming acts each month, based on Billboard Japan’s Japan Heatseekers Songs chart. Viewers are invited to check out live performances and interviews throughout the month for an in-depth look at their favorite new artists.

After being introduced by the hosts of the evening, Hina and Shuichiro, Tani opened his set with his TikTok hit “Myra,” backed by a guitarist, keyboardist, and manipulator. The 22-year-old artist appeared relaxed as he performed the sweet ballad seated on a chair in the middle of the studio, sending his soothing vocals to viewers beyond the screen.

He then segued into the next number, “Unreachable Love Song,” expressing the heartache and longing of unrequited love with his entire body as he performed the mid-tempo track.

The singer then paused to check out some of the numerous comments being sent in from viewers with a big grin, and went on to perform “Life is Beautiful,” a beat-driven celebration of life that encapsulates his skill as a writer of inspiring pop songs. Tani then chose to premiere a new track set to drop on May 26 called “W/X/Y.” Opening with a slow drum beat, the emotional ballad highlighted his range as a vocalist with its appealing melody that makes listeners want to hear on repeat.

Tani took a moment to thank viewers before singing off the livestream with what he described as “an uplifting EDM-y number,” his latest bop called “Night Butterfly” released in April. Viewers were visibly engaged until the end of his gripping performance, as they reacted by sending in a flood of comments requesting an encore.

Tani’s showcase livestream garnered 23,053 viewers. A pre-recorded interview by the gifted singer-songwriter will stream May 21 from 8:00 p.m. Japan time on Billboard Japan’s TikTok channel.