HARU NEMURI Shares New 'Bang' Video Directed Remotely From Japan in LA

Billboard Japan


Japanese singer-songwriter HARU NEMURI shared the new music video accompanying “bang,” her latest single released digitally on Jan. 15.

The blistering track was produced in two locations: recorded in Tokyo at Happycat Recordings studio, it was then beamed to Los Angeles to be mixed by Treehaus Recording’s Justin Gariano and Dusty Schaller, then mastered by Marsh Mastering’s Stephen Marsh.

The video was originally intended to be shot in the States during the alternative rapper/singer’s U.S. tour last March, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was forced to postpone the trek. Her team ended up planning, directing, and editing the visuals completely online from Japan, in cooperation with a local video team that handled the shooting in a mostly deserted downtown LA.

In the video, set in locations such as Hollywood and Skid Row where the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the population, visuals of HARU NEMURI expressing her pent-up frustration and urgency through her performance are projected onto the side of buildings.

The LOVETHEISM artist also recently released a long “statement” supplementing her new song, elaborating on the deepening division between people and her views on how to communicate with people you don’t agree with.

In it she writes, “For me, making music is a way of communicating from the soul, that rarely detracts from the real issue and that transcends time and space. I feel that way because the essence of dialogue and the essence of making music are similar to me.”

“If you happen to find and gain something from this music, you’ll hear the sound of yourself being born anew. That’s the precious moment when our dialogue begins in the field of music,” she continues in conclusion. “The future potential born there is one method of opposing the division between us. I’ll keep on living believing that.”