Stray Kids Surprise Fans With a Cover of BTS' 'Dionysus' at 2020 KBS Song Festival

Stray Kids
Courtesy Photo

Stray Kids perform a cover of BTS' "Dionysus" at the 2020 KBS Song Festival on December 17, 2020.

Stray Kids performed a cover of BTS' "Dionysus" at the 2020 KBS Song Festival on Friday (Dec. 18).

The festival was held at the KBS Hall in Seoul, South Korea, where the K-pop stars in attendance wore masks to comply with COVID-19 protocols. No physical audience was present this year, but that didn't stop Stray Kids from putting on an electrifying performance that stayed true to the ancient Greek origins of "Dionysus," which BTS performed at the KBS Song Festival last year.

The K-pop boy band later whipped up a 5 Michelin-star performance of their own 2020 song "God's Menu," with backup dancers doubling as sous-chefs by demonstrating a rather unique set of techniques with skillets.

"Dionysus" is from BTS' sixth EP Map of the Soul: Persona, which went No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in April 2019.

Watch Stray Kids' "Dionysus" cover and "God's Menu" back-to-back performances at the 2020 KBS Song Festival below.