Billboard Japan & TikTok Collab on New Streaming Program 'Next Fire' Featuring Rising J-Pop Acts

Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Billboard Japan and TikTok are partnering on a weekly stream called NEXT FIRE that showcases rising artists on their way to becoming the next sensation in J-pop.

Launching on Billboard Japan’s TikTok account on Friday) at 8 p.m. JST, the show will feature a breaking act each month based on Billboard Japan’s new Japan Heatseekers Songs chart.

During each week of the four-week cycle, the hybrid program will stream TikTok Live performances and pre-recorded interviews by the artist of the month, while highlighting various user-generated content by TikTok users about the act alongside up-to-date chart information. The show will also feature a different TikTok creator each month as host.

The inaugural artist of the month will be the four-man band Kami Wa Saikoro Wo Furanai ("God does not play dice"), whose ballad "Yonagauta" became a viral hit earlier this year after taking off on TikTok. The pop-rock band -- which only recently made its major-label debut in July -- will livestream a performance on the premiere episode Friday, and an in-depth interview is set to stream Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. JST. The October host is Shuichiro, an influential TikTok creator boasting over 900k followers on the short video platform.

Through this joint project, Billboard Japan and TikTok aim to shed light on next-gen acts and create new ways for fans to experience live music, while exploring new ways to support artists through the expansion of features and program segments.

Viewers in the U.S. can check out the NEXT FIRE stream here.