Japanese Singer Misako Uno of AAA Covers Eito's Breakout Hit, 'Kousui': Watch

Misako Uno
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Misako Uno

Japanese singer Misako Uno of AAA ("Triple-A") delighted fans last week when she launched her official YouTube channel on her birthday, Thursday (July 16). Two days later, she posted a cover of Eito's "Kousui," the TikTok-generated hit song that reached No. 1 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 in May.

"Kousui" gained popularity on the short video platform through numerous covers that users posted -- collectively called "utattemita douga" ("tried-singing-it videos") in Japanese -- and Uno's fans expressed disbelief at her participation in the popular internet trend, which she announced on Twitter: "I 'tried singing' Eito's 'Kousui'! It's my second video after debuting on YouTube! I'm nervous! Please listen to it!"

Fans reacted positively to her sweet, expressive rendition of the poignant ballad about being reunited with a past flame, gushing in the comment section: "Are you sure we can listen to this for free?" "I can't believe you did a 'tried-singing-it'!" "Such a lovely voice and expression… Your distinctive way of singing made me feel warm and fuzzy inside!"