Kenshi Yonezu's Trippy 'Kanden' Video Shot at Historic Japanese Amusement Park: Watch

Kenshi Yonezu's "Kanden"
Courtesy Photo

Kenshi Yonezu's "Kanden"

Days after becoming the first J-pop artist to hit 5 million subscribers on YouTube, Japanese hitmaker Kenshi Yonezu unleashed a new addition to his visual catalog of creative music videos, which have been viewed nearly 3 billion times to date.

The popular singer-songwriter's latest video, accompanying his new single "Kanden," has already racked up over 11 million views since it was released Friday (July 10).

The funky track is the theme song of the ongoing buddy cop drama series MIU404, starring Gen Hoshino and Go Ayano. The trippy visuals dropped after the latest episode was broadcast. Watch below:

The "Lemon" artist hyped the new video's release by temporarily turning all of the videos on his account into "404 Not Founds" and leaving a mysterious Morse code message crafted with sheep emojis, which his dedicated fans figured out almost immediately. The video zoomed past a million views in less than two hours.

The sparkly visuals fit the song's title -- "Kanden" means "electric shock" in English -- and was helmed by visual artist and photographer Yoshiyuki Okuyama. The viewer experiences a flurry of slightly unsettling action taking place outside a car from the driver's seat, watching helplessly as Yonezu dances arm-in-arm with metallic dancers and floats through the air in a haze of rain and smoke.

Most of the "Kanden" video was shot on location at Toshimaen, a beloved historic amusement park with a 100-year history that is slated to close at the end of August.