Japan's Dos Monos Features Taiwan's Digital Minister Audrey Tang in 'Civil Rap Song': Watch Video

Audrey Tang Dos Monos
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Taiwanese software programmer Audrey Tang and Japanese hip-hop trio Dos Monos.

Japanese hip-hop trio Dos Monos dropped a new single called "Civil Rap Song," featuring a recording of an interview by Taiwan's digital minister Audrey Tang (Tang Feng) on Tuesday (May 26).

The track incorporates select quotes from Tang's in-depth interview in March, in which she spoke with Kei Wakabayashi of Black Swan Publishing. Wakabayashi suggested the collaboration to MC Taitan Man of Dos Monos, and within a week, the band created the powerful track that amplifies Tang's messages for the future using the language of hip-hop.

The three members promptly added their verses to the track and received permission from the innovative young government minister to release the number. Watch the video below:

"Audrey Tang achieved great results regarding the COVID-19 crisis, and being able to amplify and deliver the musical potential of her speech will be culturally empowering for us in a way that goes beyond the message itself," MC and trackmaker Zo Zhit said.

"We created this 'civic song' not to reaffirm that the grass is greener in our neighboring country, but as a valuable lesson for not only us but for all of us in this world."

The accompanying music video for the number was created by modern artist Yuma Kishi, who simulated a high-dimensional space that humans cannot perceive through Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) artificial intelligence technology.