Watch Nogizaka46's Hopeful 'To Neighbors Around the World' Video, Shot Remotely

Courtesy of Billboard Japan


J-pop girl group Nogizaka46 shared the remotely shot music video for their new song called "Sekaijuu no rinjin yo," featuring all the current members plus some former members singing while sheltering at home.

The song's title roughly means "To neighbors around the world" in English, and was written to encourage people to do what they can to curb the spread of the coronavirus and support each other during the global pandemic.

The lyrics by producer Yasushi Akimoto depict feelings of uncertainty and loneliness of self-isolation, while also expressing gratitude to those fighting the pandemic on the front lines and faith that people can still connect while being apart and pull through the crisis together. Watch below:

The members shot selfie videos of themselves for the visuals, and the clip includes footage taken around Japan amid the stay-at-home order showing the normally bustling streets and tourist destinations nearly deserted.

The visuals also show the empty stands of Jingu Stadium in Tokyo -- a venue that holds a special place in the hearts of fans because the girls perform there every year -- expressing the group's hope that the day people can enjoy live concerts will come again soon.