Everything You Need to Know About Tomorrow x Together's 'The Dream Chapter: Eternity' Album

Tomorrow X Together
Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

Tomorrow X Together

Check out the release date, concept trailer and track list.

Tomorrow x Together are finally dropping their second mini-album. The group announced on Monday (April 27) that The Dream Chapter: Eternity will arrive on May 18.

The album news was unveiled via a 19-second clip from Big Hit Entertainment, in which an animated star molds into the universe before becoming a motion graphic tunnel.

The Dream Chapter: Eternity follows the group's debut, March 2019's The Dream Chapter: Star and October's The Dream Chapter: Magic.

TXT also unveiled a concept trailer on April 28, and the album track list on May 4. The album will contain six tracks, including a reinterpretation of Light & Salt's 2014 song "Fairy of Shampoo."

Check it all out below.


Track 1: Drama (3’29”)

Track 2: Can't You See Me? (3’21”)

Track 3: Fairy of Shampoo (4’27”)

Track 4: Maze in the Mirror (3’46”)

Track 5: Puma (3’25”)

Track 6: Eternally (3’37”)