See Japanese Guitarist MIYAVI's New 'Bang!' Video & Heartfelt Message to Fans

Courtesy of Billboard Japan


Japanese guitarist MIYAVI shared the new music video accompanying "Bang!" from his latest album, Holy Nights, that dropped Wednesday (April 22).

The video begins with a high school girl listening to music on her smartphone, and depicts the way she connects with other worlds beyond the screen in a near-futuristic way. In a bedroom somewhere, a boy is inspired by the rock guitarist's fiery performance and teaches himself how to play, and they jam together in the spotlight.

The numerous moving lights around the musician in the empty warehouse-like set were programmed to move in sync with the track. The pink stream of light speeding through cities and eventually around the globe expresses MIYAVI's "mission as a musician and performer" during these uncertain times. Watch below:

"We're battling an invisible enemy now. But we have a weapon called music," he said. "Music can't be seen either, but we feel its power that definitely exists… The sound that we create turns into light and races around the world, delivering excitement.

"I feel that's our mission as a musician and performer. We musicians won't stop making music. I'd be happy if it gives even just a bit of energy to everyone listening."