Spanish Artists Record a New Version of Coronavirus Anthem 'Resistiré': Watch

Resistiré 2020
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Resistiré 2020

The Dúo Dínamico’s 1988 song is reborn as Spain’s “We Are the World” for the coronavirus crisis.

Over the past weeks -- with Spain in total lockdown as coronavirus infections and deaths have risen to alarming numbers -- the song “Resistiré" has become a 2020 anthem.

Originally released by Spanish pop’s Dúo Dínamico in 1988 and further popularized on the soundtrack of Pedro Almodovar’s 1989 dark romantic comedy Átamé, "Resistiré" is now being sung collectively at a distance by neighbors on balconies, by employees and customers in supermarkets, and in cover versions made by artists at home.

Now, a new version of the song is being offered as Spain’s “We Are the World” for the coronavirus crisis. “Resistiré 2020” features over 50 singers and musicians (recording separately but together as is the new norm), including Melendi, David Bisbal, Vanesa Martín and Álvaro Soler.

The project was produced by Pablo Cebrián, who has worked with Bisbal and other Spanish pop artists, and spearheaded by radio station Cadena 100 in collaboration with Universal Music, Sony, Warner and Altafonte, and production company Dadá Films and Entertainment.

All of the proceeds of the song will benefit the Catholic charity organization Cáritas, according to an announcement from Universal Music Spain.

Here is the complete list of “Resistiré 2020” participating artists:

Singers: Álex Ubago, Álvaro Soler, Andrés (Dvicio), Andrés Suárez, Blas Cantó, Carlos Baute, Conchita, David Bisbal, David Otero, David Summers, Despistaos (Dani Despistaos), Diana Navarro, Ele, Georgina, India Martínez, Iván (Efecto Pasillo), José Mercé, Manuel Carrasco, Melendi, Mikel Erentxun, Nil Moliner, Pastora Soler, Pedro Guerra, Pitingo, Rosana, Rozalén, Rulo, Sofia Ellar, Susana (Efecto Mariposa) y Vanesa Martín. Musicians: Cristian Chiloé, Marcelo Novati, Toni Mateos, Ludovico Vagnone, David Palau, Josemi Carmona, Roberto Lavella, Riki Rivera, Pablo Cebrián, Julio Tejera, Iñaki García, Alberto Miras, Javier Lozano, Nacho Mañó , Paco Bastante, Martín Leiton, Charlie Moreno, David Carrasco, Iván del Castillo, Alfred García, Luis Dulzaides.

Watch the “Resistire 2020” video, and below, clips of Antonio Banderas, Loles León, Victoria Abril singing along to the Dúo Dinamico’s recording in Átame, and the duo’s Ramón Arcusa and Manolo de la Calva performing the song themselves,together with singer Alaska.