LDH Japan Streaming Concerts Free for Fans Affected by Coronavirus Measures: Watch

Courtesy of Billboard Japan


LDH JAPAN -- home of popular J-pop vocal and dance groups EXILE, Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS, GENERATIONS, E-girls and more -- has announced it will make approximately 40 of its artists' live concert footage available for streaming on its official YouTube channel free of charge for a limited lime until the end of the month.

The live music industry in Japan has taken a massive hit due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, as the government has requested that promoters and venues refrain from going ahead with events and concerts until further notice. Most schools have been closed since the beginning of March as well, and students have been instructed to stay at home as much as possible.

EXILE's AKIRA shared in a statement that his group and fellow LDH members were disappointed to have to cancel many scheduled shows, including EXILE's dome concert, due to the coronavirus, but decided to do what they could to help ease some of the fear that fans might be feeling.

"With various live shows and events being forced to cancel or postpone for the unforeseeable future, LDH's artists and staff considered what we could do to bring joy to our fans, and decided to release some of our past concerts free of charge," he said.

"The priority of we members of EXILE and everyone at LDH is to create entertainment that brings smiles and energy to as many people as possible," he continues. "We'll be happy if we can bring a bit of joy to those who might be feeling uneasy through our concert footage. We hope the day that everyone can live healthy and safe comes as soon as possible."

LDH has released concert footage from E-girls' 2014 Colorful Land Tour, Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS' 2012 Zero Tour and 2014 Blue Impact Tour, girl group Happiness' 2016 Girls n' Effect Tour and EXILE's 2010 Fantasy Tour. Watch below: