K-Pop Star Chung Ha Signs With ICM Partners: Exclusive

CHUNG HA, "Snapping"
Courtesy Photo

CHUNG HA, "Snapping"

South Korean singer Chung Ha, also known as Chungha, has signed with ICM Partners for global representation, excluding Asia.

The 24-year-old K-pop star, who grew up in Texas and was a member of girl group I.O.I. prior to launching her own successful career, has seen major hits since the release of 2017's "Why Don't You Know." She released “Everybody Has” late last month, following a recent collaboration with Rich Brian in October.

Chung Ha rose to fame through her appearance on television show Produce 101, which led to her inclusion in I.O.I. She has since released several EPs and singles, and proven immensely popular, winning many accolades in South Korea and beyond. Last year’s “Snapping” was named one of Billboard’s Top 25 K-pop songs of 2019.

"Chung Ha is a superstar in every sense; as a vocalist, performer, songwriter and choreographer," says ICM Partners vice president of concerts Jon Pleeter. "She will be well represented at ICM Partners across multiple verticals, and we’re beyond thrilled to bring her to the world stage to perform for her fans around the globe."

ICM Partners is joined by South Korean company KAMP Global in this partnership; KAMP recently hosted a K-pop festival in Singapore. Chung Ha is currently represented by MNH Entertainment in South Korea.

Chung Ha is among many K-pop acts who recently have signed partnerships with American companies to expand their careers, including girl group TWICE, which signed last month with Republic Records.