NCT 127 ‘Kick It’ in Fierce, Inspirational Video: Watch

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

NCT 127

After being “Superhuman” and finding the “Highway to Heaven” last year, NCT 127 is back with their first single of 2020 in the form of “Kick It” and its accompanying martial arts-inspired video.

The new song sees the act transformed into fighters in their new music video as they sing about emulating Bruce Lee’s way of breaking barriers through their charisma, determination, and performances. “Kick It” is a high-energy dance track that features inspirational lyrics and remaining true to NCT 127's typical styling, featuring a fluid dichotomy that bounces back and forth between melodic, oftentimes funky, verses and clamorous choral refrains filled with industrial beats, throbbing bass, whistling synths. and chanting shouts.

As they proclaim their power, motivation, and aims, rallying the “127 squad” while moving forward beyond past fears and traumas, NCT 127 spends the music video for “Kick It” interacting with backdrops typically associated with classic martial arts films. However, the scenes are given a futuristic pan-Asian spin as the nonet literally spin and punch their way through choreography — and their career, as one of many K-pop acts recently making major headway in the global music market at a time when Asian celebrities are gradually becoming more recognized in western media for their artistry after decades of being shut out.

“Kick It” precedes the group’s upcoming North American tour and release of their Neo Zone album, due Friday (March 6). Neo Zone follows last year’s We Are Superhuman, which peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard 200.

Watch the music video for NCT 127’s “Kick It” below.