Japan's King Gnu Premieres New 'Doron' Video: Watch

King Gnu "Doron"
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

King Gnu "Doron" 

Japanese band King Gnu premiered its new music video for "Doron" on Friday (Feb. 14) on YouTube.

The latest cut from their new album, CEREMONY, released last month, is being featured as the theme song for Stolen Identity 2 (Original title: Sumaho wo otoshita dake nanoni: Toraware no satsujinki), the latest thriller by horror film master Hideo Nakata (The Ring).

The theme of the music video, helmed again by PERIMETRON's OSRIN, is "the line of sight of the blind," with the following exposition: "The masses, while blind, try to ascertain what is good or evil, whether to support or reject. It is probably impossible for those standing in their line of sight to escape unless they disappear from where they are." Watch below:

The video visually depicts this aspect of reality, through the masses and the object of their scrutiny, by incorporating augmented reality technology.

OSRIN, who won MTV Video Music Awards Japan's best video of the year for King Gnu's "Hakujitsu" last year, explains his intent behind the "Doron" visuals: "I've felt that there is too much information out there that has been made vague, and that we tend to be easily influenced in this day and age.

"I've put a lot of thought into what we as the masses should be focusing on, which is what I tried to visualize with Margt (a Brooklyn-based creative studio)."