Daiki Tsuneta of Japan's King Gnu Plays Cello at New York Fashion Week: Watch

Daiki Tsuneta
Yuta Kawanishi/Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Daiki Tsuneta

King Gnu's Daiki Tsuneta displayed his classical roots this week, traveling to New York to play cello at the Masonic Hall NYC. The guitarist and leader of Japan's breakout mixture band contributed his musicianship to the N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE 2020 fall collection fashion show on Tuesday (Feb. 4).

The multi-talented artist is one of the two lead singers of King Gnu who writes all of their songs and also produces the visuals. He has played the cello since he was 5 and majored in it at the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts. 

The 27-year-old created the music for the N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE New York Fashion Week collection, and played cello live during the runway show. Watch below:

He recalls that the first fashion show, he went to see was Daisuke Obana's N.HOOLYWOOD, and also remembers seeing Kendrick Lamar -- who he adores -- wearing the brand at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. "It almost felt like fate that I got to meet Mr. Obana and collaborate with him at New York Fashion Week. So awesome," he shares.

N.HOOLYWOOD designer Obana -- who, by the way, supervised the designs for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games torch relay uniforms -- says Tsuneta gave him the music he wanted for his new formal COMPILE line, then went above and beyond as a cellist at the show.

"I'm usually not a collaborative kind of guy," he says, "but I think we were able to give everything we have at the show and share some good times together."