Everglow Are 'Dun Dun' in New Music Video

Everglow, "Dun Dun"
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Everglow, "Dun Dun"

After gaining a lot of attention last year for their debut single “Bon Bon Chocolat” and following it up with their second single “Adios,” K-pop girl group Everglow are back Monday (Feb. 3) with their first release of 2020, and they are “Dun Dun.”

The bass-heavy song, which gets its title both from the track’s usage of one of several onomatopoeic phrases littered throughout and as a play on the bombastic choral refrain “You’re so done,” is a charismatic takedown of anyone standing in their way, as the six charismatically hype themselves up and herald their impending domination over squelching beats and dynamic trap breakdowns.

Fittingly, the dramatic music video for “Dun Dun” features Everglow backed by a bastion of dancers and flag bearers taking on the world in fashionable, cosmic looks as they perform, continuing to emphasize the sense of fierce, almost futuristic elegance they've taken on to define themselves since their first single last year.

“Dun Dun” fronts Everglow’s first EP Reminiscence, also released Monday. Its release precedes their upcoming Everlasting Tour in the U.S.

Watch the music video for their latest single below.