SixTONES' 'Imitation Rain' Tops Japan Hot 100 as Streams for King Gnu Soar

Courtesy of Billboard Japan


Two new Johnny's boy bands' debut singles dominated the top two positions on the latest Billboard Japan Hot 100, dated Jan. 20 to 26, with SixTONES' "Imitation Rain" coming out on top at No. 1 and Snow Man's "D.D." following closely at No. 2.

The two singles had already been racing against each other in the metrics other than physical sales before the singles' release, competing in Twitter mentions, radio airplay and video views. After the singles dropped, SixTONES (pronounced "Stones") sold 776,836 copies and Snow Man 752,236, with only about 25,000 copies difference between the two.

"Imitation Rain" -- penned and arranged by X JAPAN's Yoshiki -- led physical sales, look-ups (the number of times a CD is ripped to a computer) and Twitter, while also coming in at No. 9 for radio and No. 13 for video. "D.D." couldn't top any of the metrics but took No. 2 for Twitter and look-ups, No. 3 for radio, and No. 15 for video.

Loyal fans celebrating these two new boy bands have managed to dominate the Twitter list, with songs by the groups filling up the top 6 slots. The excitement of their much-hyped debut could spill over into the other metrics and keep the singles afloat in the coming weeks.

Long-running hits that dominated the top tiers of the Japan Hot 100 for the past several weeks have fallen a few notches on the latest tally, but are actually still going strong in their respective fortes: King Gnu's "Hakujitsu," which slipped 2-4, continues to lead streaming, which it overtook last week from Official HIGE DANdism's "Pretender." Streams for "Hakujitsu" soared from 6,727,189 to 8,045,739 this week, and video views also increased from 6,207,857 to 6,802,843.

Figures for HIGE DAN's "Pretender" hold for the most part, with streams rising slightly from 6,727,189 to 6,795,941, and video views falling a tad from 7,135,298 to 7,016,352 but still leading the metric. The former No. 1 song falls 3-5 this week. Meanwhile, streams for the band's new single "I LOVE…" have shot up from 2,868,662 to 4,757,323, and could overtake the older hit in the near future.

The Billboard Japan Hot 100 combines physical and digital sales, radio airplay, Twitter mentions, YouTube and GYAO! video views, Gracenote look-ups, audio streams from Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, AWA, Google Play Music, KKBOX, LINE MUSIC, Rakuten Music, RecMusic provided by Gfk Japan, dHits, Uta Pass and Spotify, plus karaoke data from Daiichikosho and XING.

Billboard Japan Hot 100 Top 10 (dated Jan. 20 to 26)
1. [16] Imitation Rain / SixTONES (776,836 copies / none / none)
2. [18] D.D. / Snow Man (752,236 copies / none / none)
3. [-] KOKORO&KARADA / Morning Musume. '20 (194,972 copies / 7,354 downloads / none)
4. [2] Hakujitsu / King Gnu (none / 23,762 downloads / 8,045,739 streams)
5. [3] Pretender / Official HIGE DANdism (none / 21,533 downloads / 6,795,941 streams)
6. [46] Manazashi / TVXQ (Tohoshinki) (66,274 copies / none / none)
7. [6] I LOVE… / Official HIGE DANdism (none / 27,764 downloads / 4,757,323 streams)
8. [5] Teenager Forever / King Gnu (none / 9,719 downloads / 5,295,726 streams)
9. [8] Gurenge / LiSA (2,508 copies / 17,240 downloads / 4,007,527 streams)
10. [9] Machigaisagashi / Masaki Suda (none / 10,893 downloads / 3,575,136 streams)

[ ]: Position last week
( ): Physical sales / downloads / streams (Top 50 only)