Japan's Gen Hoshino Surprises Fans With 'Ain't Nobody Know' Video Cameo: Watch

Gen Hoshino
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Gen Hoshino

J-pop hitmaker Gen Hoshino dropped the new music video Thursday (Jan. 16) for "Ain't Nobody Know," a track on his latest hit EP, Same Thing.

The visuals for the Tom Misch co-produced number depict the encounters and relationships between three different couples through a series of lush, sensual close-up shots.

Hoshino himself isn't openly featured until the end, where he can be seen sitting in a coffee shop listening to music through earphones. He hears someone walking in and looks up to find a beautiful woman standing behind him. Watch below:

In a livestream shortly before the video was released, Hoshino told fans to make sure to watch until the end. The young woman who exchanges meaningful glances with Hoshino is Japanese movie star and model Nana Komatsu, whose casting hadn't been announced prior to the release of the video, and the surprise feature created a buzz on social media in Japan.

The music video was directed by Kyotaro Hayashi, the visual artist responsible for Hoshino's "Pop Virus" video and numerous other works by J-pop artists, including Masaki Suda, Kenshi Yonezu, Motohiro Hata and Mr. Children.