Japan's King Gnu Documents Private Lives in New Video, 'Teenager Forever': Watch

King Gnu
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

King Gnu 

Breakout Japanese band King Gnu shared the new music video accompanying "Teenager Forever," the lead single from its new album, CEREMONY.

In the video, the four members -- leader and multi-instrumentalist Daiki Tsuneta, singer and keyboardist Satoru Iguchi, bassist Kazuki Arai, and drummer Yu Seki -- are each given a lump of cash (probably about a million yen, around $9,000 each, from the looks of it) to spend on whatever they want, and the camera documents their private time outside of the band.

The way each member spends the money is telling of his character: Tsuneta, who writes all of the bands songs and produces all the visuals as well, heads off to Russia for some much-needed downtime. Iguchi, known for the massive gap between his intense stage presence and ridiculous antics when he's not performing, lands in the Philippines and lives it up with the local ladies.

Seki, who just got married back in October, goes to Guam on his honeymoon. And, Arai, who Iguchi has called "King Gnu's conscience," buys a car for his mom and takes her to a photography studio to have a professional portrait taken together.

Director OSRIN of PERIMETRON (an artists' collective headed by Tsuneta) -- who has directed the band's other videos, including "Hakujitsu" and "Hikoutei" -- notes that it was Tsuneta's idea to goof off for this video.

"I love how our relationships with each other hasn't changed over the years and that we're still able to make such a music video at this point in our careers," he said.

King Gnu's new studio album, CEREMONY, was released Wednesday (Jan. 15).