Japan's Mr. Children Celebrates 50 Years of 'Doraemon' with Two Theme Songs for New Movie

Mr. Children
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Mr. Children

J-pop band Mr. Children is collaborating with the long-running Doraemon movie series by providing not just one but two official theme songs for this year's installment.

The animated movies released every year since 1980 have never simultaneously featured two songs by the same artist in a single work, and Mr. Children -- a veteran of tie-ins of various kinds -- has never written more than one song for a single work before in its long career.

The band had released a number called "Birthday" featuring a bright and majestic melody earlier, and followed up with a heartwarming ballad called "Kimi to kasaneta monologue" with lyrics that enhance the story about the protagonist Nobita's bond with twin baby dinosaurs. Watch the teaser for Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's New Dinosaur featuring Mr. Children's second theme song, "Kimi to kasaneta monologue," below:

Frontman and songwriter Kazutoshi Sakurai of Mr. Children shared that the classic comic series, which the movies are based on, holds a special place in his heart: "I remember clearly: When I was in fourth grade, my parents bought me Doraemon. At the time, I was a kid that never studied. I never did homework. I couldn't write kanji and never read any books," he recalls.

But that changed once he cracked open a copy after a few days. "I got completely lost in those comic books. They were my first reading experience. The first books that I liked -- books that made me cry," Sakurai said. "Doraemon turns 50 years old this year, and so do I. I'm truly grateful that we've been brought together again in this fateful way."

"Birthday" and "Kimi to kasaneta monologue" will be released as a single March 4, two days before the release of the movie.