Younha Releases 'Unstable Mindset' EP, Which Features BTS' RM: Listen

Younha, "Dark Cloud"
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Younha, "Dark Cloud" 

South Korean singer Younha kicked off the new decade by continuing her string of introspective releases with her sentimental new EP Unstable Mindset on Monday (Jan. 6).

Fronted by the gloom of the inspirational “Dark Cloud,” the album marks Younha’s return to the pop-rock style she was best known for in the early part of her career, blending her soulful vocals with guitar-fronted instrumentals. The song and album appear to be direct follow-ups to last year’s “On a Rainy Day,” released on her EP Stable Mindset, with Younha tweeting, “Finally!” and side-by-side pictures of the conceptual art of both albums, with the new image offering up some brightness and greenery after the dullness of last year's release.

Along with the single, the most high-profile song on the album is “Winter Flower,” which features BTSRM and is an epic, comforting power ballad through which the pair lyrically offer assurance to listeners that they’ll be by their side and help them bloom like the titular frigid fauna.

Younha, who blew up as one of the most prominent young soloists in both the K-pop and J-pop scenes in the early 2000s, has been a stalwart presence in the South Korean music scene ever since, and is perhaps best known for her 2014 collaboration "Umbrella" with Epik High.

Watch the music video for Younha’s “Dark Cloud” and take a listen to Unstable Mindset below.