Watch SKE48's Jurina Matsui Face Off Against Herself in New Solo Music Video

Jurina Matsui
Courtesy of Billboard Japan 

Jurina Matsui

Jurina Matsui of J-pop girl group SKE48 teased the new music video for her solo song "Who are you?"

The video features two contrasting versions of the popular member: one as a dancer clad in a black bomber jacket, and the other as a singer decked out in a flowing crimson gown.

The black-themed dancer and red-themed singer face off during the clip, highlighting the 22-year-old girl group member's versatility.

The dynamic dance track will be included in the Type A version of SKE48's upcoming 26th single, "Soyutoko aruyone?" featuring member Akari Suda in center position.

The CD will go on sale Jan. 15, and Type A will come with a DVD including the full version of the "Who are you?" music video.