Stray Kids Release 'Mixtape: Gone Days' Music Video: Watch

Stray Kids, "Gone Days"
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Stray Kids, "Gone Days"

The day after Christmas (Dec. 26), Stray Kids gifted the world with their “Mixtape: Gone Days” generational anthem. 

A song that features the members of Stray Kids rebelliously and playfully taking on the older generation, it was co-written by member Bang Chan alongside Giriboy, Minit and Trippy. The mixtape song release was foreshadowed earlier in the year by Stray Kids as a gift to their fans. 

“Mixtape: Gone Days” was released through a rambunctious music video that features the Stray Kids facing down a horse-masked teacher wearing a badge from their company JYP Entertainment, playfully showing off how they’re not paying attention as they sing about making their own way in the world over an upbeat hip-pop tune. 

Watch the music video for Stray Kids' new song below.