EXO Battle Themselves in Fierce New Single 'Obsession': Watch

EXO Obsession
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EXO, "Obsession"

It’s a double dose of EXO in their latest music video. Out today (Nov. 27), the K-pop superstars returned with “Obsession,” the lead track of their new album of the same name. 

Their sixth EP since their start in 2012, OBSESSION, introduces a new form of EXO. It fittingly features a six-member lineup of the group, with members Chen, Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai and Sehun holding the fort as the rest of the typically nine-member act are on hiatus due to solo work and fulfilling their mandatory service in South Korea’s armed forces. But don’t worry: even though there are few less members of EXO participating in this release, they brought their X-EXO clones to duke it out with the active members in their music video for “Obsession.”

Fronted by a sample of a squelched, seemingly female voice repeating “I want you” that can be heard throughout the majority of the track, dropping so quiet at times it’s almost subliminal, the act’s new single is a dramatic hip-pop tune that changes things up for EXO. Their first release since last year’s duo of the a capella-laden “Tempo” and seductive “Love Shot,” “Obsession” spends its time waging war with the members’ vocals, partially disguising their tones with intense digital distortion and partially emphasizing the pristine colors of each member’s voice, whether singing harmoniously or serving up a terse raps.

To match the duality of the song’s musical styling, the music video for “Obsession” features the six active members of EXO fighting for survival against their menacing counterparts, with the members serving up contrasting looks that vary between X-EXO's sexy, sci-fi swashbucklers and EXO’s dashing black militaristic looks. Throughout the video, the pairs of warriors face off, performing the domineering song and it's stylized choreography as they battle for dominance, ending with a violent, head twist of a final dance move before panning to a shot of the world burning. 

“Obsession” is followed on the album by eight other original tracks, and the LP closes out with a Chinese variant of the single. Between the pair, the members of EXO spend their time exploring just about every genre under the sun, slipping funky dance moments alongside smooth alt R&B ones and everything in between throughout the LP's length. 

Take a listen to EXO’s OBSESSION album below.