KBS World's 'We K-Pop' Reaches 100 Million K-Pop Fans and Household Viewers in 120 Countries

Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

Tomorrow x Together

KBS World's variety show We K-Pop reaches 100 million K-pop fans and household viewers in 120 countries. Now, as a leader of cultural K-pop content, KBS World will hold the "WE K-PICK" Global Fan Vote from Friday, November 21st, to Thursday, Nov. 28 ahead of a special-edition episode of We K-Pop.

As a part of KBS World, We K-Pop premiered in July of this year, gaining popularity and earning a hot response with its global showcase concept from its 100 million household viewers and K-pop fans in 120 countries around the world.

KBS World and We K-Pop will conclude their 2019 season by opening up a global K-pop fan voting event from 11/22, in which fans all over the world can participate. This year's topics focus on the biggest Korean idols and groups, looking to see who became popular around the world and answer interesting questions via online fan voting.

On the special episode's broadcast, the results of the fan vote will be revealed with interesting talk, discussion and analysis from both K-pop idol and industry experts.

The K-POP Global Fan Voting Event can be accessed through the link here.

The results of the Fan Voting will be released by Billboard pop columnist Jeff Benjamin and panel from We K-POP on Friday, Dec. 13 at 6:30 p.m.

Yoon Koun -- who is in charge of the Global Fan Vote "WE K-PICK!" and is PD of We K-Pop -- said, "There are many K-pop award shows, but we wanted to do something different and reveal awards in the form of these interesting rankings. A preliminary survey conducted indicated a positive response to this method."

We K-Pop was highly-anticipated when it was first premiered on July 12 this year. It focuses on communication with fans and artists, unlike most other music programs. The show's ability to tell deeper stories about the artists and their fans was one of the initial attractions of the show and led to rising expectations for every artist's appearance. Top artists including Tomorrow X Together and GFriend have all starred in well-received episodes.

Koun continued, "There are about 150 fans coming to each episode filming in Korea, but the goal was to make all K-pop fans and viewers around the world feel as if they were really a part of this global fan meeting through our channel. This is why our show also shows fans in the audience. It was important to convey the direct communication between artist and the fans seen in our show. I am glad that the program has continued to gain more power and interest."

We K-Pop has become a hot topic thanks to its fostering of a unique and interesting communication between artists and fans, and has created a new cultural space for many fans with solid script content, a fresh format, and unique concept. "With thanks to those who already support and have high expectations of KBS World's We K-Pop, we will bring great episodes for the remainder of 2019, and we promise stronger and better content in 2020," Koun added.

This article originally appeared on Billboard Korea.