Mamamoo are Fiercely 'Hip' In New Music Video: Watch

Mamamoo 'Hip'
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Mamamoo, "Hip"

The women of Mamamoo are back in black with the release of their Reality in Black LP and their fierce new single “Hip.”

A swaggering track, “Hip” is a brassy take-down of those who have nasty words for Mamamoo. Co-written by member Hwasa, the quartet coolly sing and rap over a powerful, anthemic melody about how they’re so hip, with several references to real life events and criticisms aimed at the group. 

The single was released through a music video loaded with meaning that puts forth an empowering, devil-may-care attitude from Mamamoo. Throughout it, each member takes on a variety of roles as they sing about why they’re so “Hip,” while the act comes together for choreography sequences and to perform like a glam rock stars.  

Over the years, Mamamoo has grown prominent in South Korea for their powerful flouting of convention when it comes to stereotypical K-pop idol performance and fashion styles, resulting in both praise and hatred aimed at the group. One not-so-subtle take-down towards naysayers that appeared in the music video is a scene where Hwasa is seen at a press conference with a news ticker that reads, "President Hwasa dressed ridiculous at the airport,” parodying real life criticism of the "Twit" singer for daring to dress comfortably, including going braless, when arriving at the airport for a flight earlier this year

Along with "Hip," Reality in Black features 10 other songs, several of which Hwasa, Moonbyul, and Solar are credited as co-writers on. It is Mamamoo's second Korean LP, following 2016's Melting.

Watch the music video for Mamamoo's "Hit" below.