WayV Aim to 'Take Over the Moon' With New EP & 'Moonwalk' Music Video

WayV Moonwalk
Courtesy Photo

WayV, "Moonwalk"

After taking off in May following their January debut, China-based boy band WayV returned Tuesday (Oct. 29) with their second EP, Take Over the Moon, and the captivating new single “Moonwalk.” 

The septet, which was put together under K-pop company SM Entertainment and is associated with the company’s NCT and SuperM projects, have brought a sci-fi slant to many of their releases, most recently seen in their glitchy, futuristic music video for “Take Off,” and now “Moonwalk” takes them on an interstellar journey through its music video, also released Tuesday. The group’s performance lives up to the song’s title, and the music video sees WayV’s members moonwalking their way through high-intensity choreography as they travel to their final destination. 

Stylistically, “Moonwalk” is a sonic adventure that serves as an ideal soundtrack for the music video WayV released, beginning with a soft melody, then turning into a propulsive electro-pop song that layers harmonizing ad libs beneath impactful raps. Brassy horns, atmospheric synths and trap beats drive much of the tune, but a hard-rock-infused instrumental bridge arrives before the sweeping finale. 

“Moonwalk” fronts the album, which also features five other tracks, which vary from the alluring seduction of “Love Talk” to the upbeat new jack swing of “We Go nanana.” The alt R&B "King of Hearts" and the breezy ballad "Face to Face" are split between the group's rappers and vocalists, with Winwin, Lucas, Hendery, and Yangyang featured on the former and Kun, Ten, and Xiaojun featured on the latter.

Take a listen to WayV’s Take Over the Moon EP here.