'Shin Godzilla' Limited-Edition Guitars On Sale in Japan

Shin Godzilla

Guitar maker ESP's "Godzilla Guitar Awakened Version," inspired by the movie "Shin Godzilla."

Last October, Toshihiko Takamizawa of the veteran J-pop trio THE ALFEE collaborated with guitar maker ESP and the movie Shin Godzilla to bring the one and only "ESP GODZILLA Takamiy model" electric guitar into the world.

The flamboyant long-haired guitarist of the legendary pop-folk group is a known fan of the 65-year-old Godzilla franchise and honorary manager of the Godzilla Store Tokyo in Shinjuku, where the original guitar he designed was unveiled.   

The Godzilla Store recently announced that five special replicas of Takamizawa's rare guitar, called the "Godzilla Guitar Awakened Version," will be made available for 5.55 million yen each -- roughly $52,000 USD -- for a limited time only.

The body of this awesome instrument features Shin Godzilla in its fourth form, jaws wide open in a roar, with the neck shaped like the monster's long deadly tail. A switch on its left leg turns on the purple LED lights built into the body, making it glow ominously like the horrible kaiju in Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi's 2016 blockbuster movie.

The new made-to-order custom guitars will come with purpose-built cases. While the offer is enticing for Godzilla fans everywhere, it's valid in Japan only -- no shipping outside the country either, unfortunately -- and lasts until Sept. 30 local time.