Cornelius Will Drop Theme Song for Japanese TV Series About Saunas

Courtesy of Billboard Japan


Keigo Oyamada, aka Cornelius, will provide the theme song for an upcoming Japanese TV series, called Sa-do, that begins in July.

Sa-do is a live-action drama based on a manga by Katsuki Tanaka that illustrates the joys of frequenting saunas -- hence the title, a neologism meaning "way of the sauna."

Cornelius was a fan of the original comic and collaborated with Tanaka on the new song, called "Sauna Sukisugi" ("Love saunas so much"), with lyrics written by the manga artist. "Sauna Sukisugi" will drop digitally July 26.

The "If You're Here" singer-songwriter shared that he "tried to express the rapturous sensation of saunas" through the track. "I'm a fan of Mr. Katsuki Tanaka's work and always look forward to it, so it's an honor," he says. "I can't wait to see how that comic is going to be depicted through live action."

Cornelius recently announced an additional date to his summer concert series, Cornelius Performs Point, to be held at the Ebisu Liquid Room on Aug. 6. The shows will be structured around his highly acclaimed fourth album, point, from 2001, commemorating the release of the remastered CD on July 31.