SF9 Explore Their Booming Love in Futuristic 'RPM' Video: Watch

Courtesy Photo

SF9, "RPM"

K-pop boy band SF9 is back today (June 17) with their second single of 2019 in the form of the exhilarating “RPM.”

A reference to the revolutions per minute of a machine, typically associated with car tires, “RPM” starts off with gruff raps and accelerates into slinking electro-pop song built upon echoing base and layered synths. A blend of industrial EDM and pop-rock instrumental elements appear throughout as “RPM” drives towards the finish, as the nine members sing of their booming love.  

The sci-fi music video for the single turns the members of SF9 into what appears to be a futuristic version of cops and robbers, with some members making their way to steal pink crystals, only to be hunted down as they run. With a bit of a Tron vibe to the entirety of the video thanks to dark settings lit by bright lights while the members perform dynamic choreography, “RPM” gets the heart racing.

“RPM” fronts the group’s seventh EP of the same name, and was co-written by Youngbin, Zuho, Taeyang, and Hwiyoung, all of whom are credited as lyricists on the single.

SF9 most recently released the single “Enough” in February, after which they brought their 2019 Unlimited tour Stateside earlier this year. They will return to New York in the first weekend of July to attend KCON 2019 New York.

Watch the music video for SF9’s “RPM” below.