Go Inside SF9's Creative K-Pop Process on Set & In the Studio: Exclusive Videos

Spend a day on a K-drama set with Cha Ni, learn about Zu Ho's production process & listen to Hwi Young's original song.

SF9 let fans around the U.S. and Europe get to know them a bit better during their Unlimited Tour earlier this year, but alongside their newly released RPM album, out Monday (June 17), the guys are letting fans even closer with insight into their creative process.

Billboard is happy to share exclusive videos that take you on set and into the studio with SF9 members Cha Ni, Zu Ho and Hwi Young. 

First off, go on set with SF9's rapper and breakout actor Cha Ni as he films his hit Korean drama TV show Sky Castle. Watch as the star shares insight on his character, acting influences and how he balances his idol and actor life. "I can't sleep, there's so much to do that my head is full of thoughts," he admits in a candid moment. "I think I try to just do things one a time. For example, after dance practice, I'll look at the script the next day. I think at times like that, I just try to figure it out slowly."

Meanwhile, rapper-producer Zu Ho shares how he created his self-composed song "Photograph" off the band's Sensuous EP. Zu Ho brings fans inside his personal studio and shows the programs, instruments and musical inspirations behind the fan-favorite track. While self-composing idols are becoming more common in the K-pop scene, rarely do fans get to see the stars break down their work like this. 

Lastly, SF9's rapper-songwriter Hwi Young opens up about his creative process in writing his parts for SF9 songs like "Play Hard," "Fall in Love" and the fan-dedicated track "For Fantasy."

Plus, in a very special exclusive for Billboard, Hwi Young also plays a snippet of his original song "Chaos." He explained the sentiment behind the soft hip-hop cut. "The subject matter is about breaking up," the 20-year-old says. "I tried to really portray how it feels empty when people close to you suddenly are no longer there."

Watch the videos above and look out for SF9's newly released RPM album.