Watch J-Pop Star Masaki Suda's New Music Video, 'Machigaisagashi'

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Courtesy of Billboard Japan
Masaki Suda

Japan's Masaki Suda shared the music video accompanying his latest single, "Machigaisagashi."

Directed by Kyotaro Hayashi, the visual artist responsible for videos by many J-pop artists -- including Kenshi Yonezu, BUMP OF CHICKEN, Mr. Children and more -- light is used effectively to convey the emotions and message found in the lyrics of the signature ballad written and produced by hitmaker Yonezu.

The camera stays focused on the young star throughout the stripped-down visuals as he sings mostly by himself and sometimes joined by musicians, silhouetted against beams of light in a darkened space.

The song's title refers to the pastime of looking for different details hidden in two seemingly identical pictures. "I thought maybe I was born into the picture with the mistakes in it," sings the 26-year-old. "But I probably wouldn't have met you if I'd been born into the correct one."

The "Sayonara Elegy" artist noted that he enjoyed working with the two cutting-edge creators and shooting the "simple but beautiful" video. "It's a lovely, stunning work that expresses the beauty and solitude that we feel as we go about trying to find various things in our daily lives," he explains. "I think it also really highlights the music."

After being digitally released in May, "Machigaisagashi" bowed at No. 1 on the Billboard Japan downloads chart dated May 27, with 114,355 units sold in its first week. The song continues to lead the metric for the second week, and will likely blast into the streaming chart after being made available on various platforms.

Masaki Suda is set to release his second studio album, LOVE, on July 10. The highly anticipated follow-up to his debut album, PLAY, released in January 2018 will include 11 tracks written in collaboration with some of the most influential artists in J-pop today, including a feature by Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart-topping singer-songwriter Aimyon.