NCT Dream & Hrvy 'Don't Need Your Love' On New Collab: Watch

NCT Dream and HRVY "Don't Need Your Love"
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NCT Dream and HRVY "Don't Need Your Love"

NCT Dream and Hrvy are forsaking romance in their new single, “Don’t Need Your Love.”

Released today (June 6) through SM Entertainment’s SM Station 3 digital release project, “Don’t Need Your Love” is a mellow synth-pop tune that brings together the K-pop boy band and the YouTube sensation as they sing about how they’re done with love, blending their vocals harmoniously to create a smooth, addicting dance track.

The accompanying music video for the song features the members of NCT Dream and Hrvy reflecting in a school setting before they come together to shirk off their sorrow and express determination to move on in the DNYL --"Don't Need Your Love" -- club. While each verse focuses on its individual singer as they act like impish devils who have had their hearts broken, for the chorus, the six artists appear together while showing off some fancy footwork in a gymnasium. Quirky neon signs decorate the sets, adding a playful element to the occasionally morose -- especially Renjun's heartfelt tears -- mood. 

The first single of 2019 from NCT Dream following last December's "Candle Light," the youth-oriented team under SM’s NCT boy band umbrella, “Don’t Need Your Love” puts forth a more mature side to the group, emphasizing their maturing vocals, with youngest member Jisung in particular showing his evolving artistry through a deep-toned verse, a change from his typical raps. The song and music video features five of NCT Dream’s members, while Haechan is absent due to his work in NCT 127.

The collaboration has been in the works for several months, and Hrvy posted a photo of himself with the five K-pop stars on Instagram in February, saying that it was “nice to meet you boys.” 

Watch the music video for “Don’t Need Your Love" here: