TOMORROW X TOGETHER Release Cinematic 'Nap of a Star' Music Video: Watch

K-pop boy band TOMORROW X TOGETHER, also known as TXT, released a brand-new music video Wednesday (June 5) for their song “Nap of a Star.” Released in March on their first EP, The Dream Chapter: STAR, the song is highlighted through a captivating new visual that highlights the group’s creative narrative, known as the “TU,” or TXT Universe.

The newly released music video for “Nap of a Star” utilizes haunting animation style, reminiscent of the work of George Méliès, to relay the heartfelt story of the bond that the five men of TOMORROW X TOGETHER share between themselves and a star. It begins with five masked children playing together in a star-lit forest and tells the story of their separation and promise to reunite in the future. "When we get separated, let's meet again here,” they promise, apparently to both themselves and the star, as words flash across the screen early on in Korean, the first of several silent-film-style cutscreens incorporated into the narrative.

As the mellow pop ballad progresses, the plot focuses on Yeonjun, who once again is seen donning antlers that he was first seen wearing in the music video for TXT’s debut single “Crown.” Fearing he's becoming a monster as the antlers grow, he leaves his home and heads into the woods, where he encounters all sorts of creatures and a variety of skeletons, as butterflies guide him. As he falls asleep, the other members of the group make appearances, with each one revealed to have some additional appendage that makes them unique in their own way.

As the song continues, emphasizing the dreamy tones of the five members, the plot emulates classic horror films and sees Yeonjun encounter a ferocious monster. As he gulps in fear, his neck appears to be slit open. He runs away and grabs at the antlers that have become a source of pain, pulling one free from his head amid a spurt of blood. As he's suffering, the other four find him, and Huening Kai reaches out to him to offer a supporting hand. It ends as they contemplatively look up at the mechanical star in the sky.

As the video end, the phrase “TU” appears, confirming that TOMORROW X TOGETHER, like Big Hit Entertainment labelmates BTS, have a creative narrative that will be permeating throughout their career. Whereas BTS’ BU, which has been featured in a variety of medium ranging from their music videos to a webtoon series and a book, focuses primarily on the hardships of reality in this world, TXT’s appears to take a more metaphorical approach to the struggles of youth. This ties into what Taehyun told Billboard in a recent interview, saying that the album “is a story about growing up from childhood to youth,” and that the group “wanted to tell a story about how we are together under one dream. [Becoming] a star is a dream to us.”

Along with "Nap of a Star," TXT have released music videos for several other songs from The Dream Chapter: STAR, including "Crown" and "Cat & Dog."

Watch the music video for TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s “Nap of a Star” here: