Japan's Kenshi Yonezu Shares New Animated Video After Sneak Peek on Boat

Kenshi Yonezu
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Fans of Japan's Kenshi Yonezu attend a preview event for his new music video, "Umi no Yuurei," on May 27, 2019, on a moored boat in Tokyo. 

J-pop singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu released the new music video accompanying his highly anticipated new song "Umi no Yuurei" on Tuesday (May 28), following a special sneak peek event for fans the day before.

"Umi no Yuurei," which means "Ghost of the Sea" in English, is the theme song of the upcoming animated movie called Children of the Sea directed by Ayumu Watanabe. The music video features scenes from the movie throughout, showcasing the delicate yet dynamic depictions of nature, sea creatures and human characters brought vividly to life by the Japanese animation company STUDIO 4?.

A group of 100 randomly selected fans among the many who applied were invited to the special preview event Monday (May 27), which took place on a moored boat in Tokyo. The theme of the lowest deck was "the deep sea," featuring displays of various sea creatures such as rare jellyfish and starfish curated by the Enoshima Aquarium, depicted in the movie as "Enokura Aquarium."

In the center of these displays, the original jacket artwork of "Umi no Yuurei," illustrated by Daisuke Igarashi -- the creator of the comic the movie is based on -- was exhibited in a large clear tank, accentuated with the shimmering light of real water.

The next deck was decorated as "the beach," featuring visual installations introducing the film, including panels of scenes and a video of a swimming whale, exhibited against sound of waves in the background.

The music video was projected against huge screens set up like a roof over the upper deck, called "the sky of the sea." The immersive visual and audio experience had fans feeling like they were part of the video, leaving some teary-eyed afterwards, and the first-ever music video screening "at sea" was met with huge success.

Kenshi Yonezu's new single, "Umi no Yuurei," drops Monday (June 3). The animated movie Children of the Sea will be released in Japanese theaters June 7.