KARA's Koo Hara Awake After Being Found Unconscious at Home: Report

Goo Hara
Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Goo Hara attends the photo call for 'Marc Jacobs' at Galleria Department Store on March 24, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea.  

South Korean pop star Koo Hara is on the mend after an reported suicide attempt. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, she was found in her home unconscious after midnight on Sunday, reports CNN.

Koo posted the word “Goodbye” in a now-deleted Instagram post prior to the incident, spurring her manager to go to her home after she did not respond to phone calls. She was reportedly found unconscious in a room of smoke.

After regaining consciousness, the star, whose surname is often Romanized in English media as “Goo” though she uses “Koo," issued a statement on Monday to Japanese media reportedly apologizing for “causing concern to everyone and causing a commotion.”

"I'm recovering. Many things overlapped and I had been suffering. But I'll steel myself and work to show you my healthy self," she reportedly said.

Last year, Koo was blackmailed by an ex-boyfriend with a sex tape and involved in a physical altercation with the man. The incident over the weekend preceded a second trial for the ex, Choi Jung Bum, who reportedly appeared at the Seoul Central District Court on Thursday (May 30). He is charged with a variety of crimes including blackmail, filming another without consent, and causing bodily harm. Koo was among several witnesses that did not attend, with her legal representative reportedly citing her recovery as the cause, and another trial date has been set for July.

Much of the reporting after Koo’s apparent suicide attempt has focused on online criticism aimed at the star in relation to the sex tape and her overall situation. Throughout much of her time as an entertainer, the star has also faced negativity and criticism toward her career and actions from online users.

Koo gained fame as a member of popular K-pop girl group KARA, which she was active in from 2008 through 2016. The act was one of the most prominent female teams of the late ‘00s and early ‘10s and saw immense popularity in the world’s second-largest music market, Japan. KARA is remembered as one of the pioneering K-pop acts to break into that region. She has also pursued a career as a solo singer and actor, and most recently released the Japanese song "Wild" last August.