CLC Are All About the Beautiful 'ME' in Captivating New Music Video: Watch

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K-pop girl group CLC returned Wednesday (May 29) with their formidable new single “ME.”

In their latest, the seven members serve up a propulsive electronic dance track, which spends its time building off of mellow, reggae-inspired melodies to lead into dynamic trap drops and a chorus full of blaring horns, chanting refrains and quirky synths. With tonal shifts throughout, “ME” showcases the wide range of CLC’s charisma, putting forth each member’s distinct tone and style as they sing about their beauty and self-worth.

Exuding an empowered sense of self-love, the title of "ME" hides a double meaning, with the Chinese character “?” used for the title. Translating to mean “beautiful” and pronounced like the English title word, CLC play up the duality in the chorus, where the women sing about being “the beautiful ME (???? ME/?),” which could also be interpreted as “the beautiful beauty.”

The single was released through a music video that features the act performing fierce, stomping choreography in military band outfits while they each boldly perform in solo shots, with several members seen in modern updates of traditional Korean hanboks. Throughout it all, there's a sense of classy confidence, as CLC make it clear they are here to show the world how to do it.

The lyrics of “ME” were reportedly co-written by rapper Yeeun. It is the act's second single of the year, following January’s “No,” the self-assured song that fronted CLC's World Albums chart-topping EP No.1.

Watch CLC’s “ME” video here: