Sayaka Yamamoto Shares First Solo Music Video After Leaving NMB48: Watch

Sayaka Yamamoto
Courtesy of Billboard Japan

Sayaka Yamamoto

Former NMB48 member Sayaka Yamamoto shared the music video for her first solo single, "Ichirinso," set to drop April 17.

The 25-year-old will make her debut as a solo singer-songwriter with her upcoming CD single, as she wrote the music and lyrics for this and all other tracks on the release. She also sings and plays guitar on the song, arranged and produced by Seiji Kameda.

"Ichirinso" is the Japanese common name of a type of spring ephemeral Anemone, and Yamamoto chose this flower as a symbol of her will to "thrive, if one must wilt someday."

It's a soothing mid-tempo pop number that fits the general mood of spring in Japan, which tends to be an emotional season full of hope, sadness, and uncertainty due to big life changes that happen around this time.

The music video is a simple one that features Yamamoto singing and playing the guitar with her band, introducing the former girl group member's new style and future vision as a solo artist. The tone of the visuals, suggestive of overexposed film, was also based on her idea.

Sayaka Yamamoto's solo Instagram account recently surpassed a million followers.